1.1.2010 – 30.04.2014
Integrated Project funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme

Complementary Organic Semiconductor and Metal Integrated Circuits (COSMIC)

is an EU-funded project dedicated to research in the field of organic and printed electronics. COSMIC’s goal is to find ways to help our society face numerous challenges in the areas of public health, environmental sustainability, education, energy, security and mobility, while enhancing the technology used in today’s leisure activity industry. New materials and cost-effective, large-scale production processes are combined to manufacture these electronics.

In contrast to silicon chips, the main goal is to print complete electronic circuits in a fast, continuous process on a large scale, using thin, lightweight, flexible, and environmentally-friendly materials.
COSMIC addresses application areas such as drivers for OLED displays, electroluminescent and OLED-based lighting, RFID circuits, organic photovoltaic cells, organic memory devices, flexible batteries, organic sensors, and smart textiles, to name a few. All of these applications are relevant for industrial partners within the consortium, and demonstrate the capabilities of organic complementary technology, generating value for the European industry at large.



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MVI_Demo transmission code from mockup Tag to receiver.mp4

MVI_Demo transmission code from reader to tag.mp4

MVI_Introduction Silent Tag testing platform.mp4

MVI_Introduction Silent Tag to reader communication.mp4